Thursday, September 21, 2006

How a Blog Can Benefit Your Website
Daryl H. Bryant

Ok, so the latest craze on the Internet is ‘blogging’. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If you have not heard of blogging, then maybe you’ve heard of a blog. If you’re still unsure what I’m talking about then maybe you should get out more.
Ok, I’m seriously just kidding. A Web log or ‘blog’ is a personal website consisting of regularly updated entries displayed in reverse chronological order. Blogs read like a diary or journal, but with the most recent entry at the top. Web logs or blogs are a type of Web content typically created by independent writers (although some reporters for media companies create blogs on newspaper or magazine sites). Some blogs are personal journals; others resemble newsletters or columns. Sometimes, they contain links to other sources of content and other times they are the main source of content like on this site.
So why are blogs so cool? Why is everyone blogging these days? Well in my opinion, it all comes to two main factors. First, blogs are very easy to setup, maintain and add content entries with minimal web experience necessary. There are many descent blogging software tools that allow you to effortlessly setup and maintain a blog all on your own. My favorite is Wordpress. Wordpress offers you an easy and powerful way to start blogging right away… plus it’s free! The second reason in my opinion, why people blog, is because it provides them with a great means to add more content for their website. As we all know, content rules the Internet. With more content, you are guaranteed to receive more exposure, hence why I believe so many people are blogging these days.
Ok, so now you might be thinking to yourself, “Maybe I can start a blog and easily add more content to my website.” If you’re thinking this, this is good. So if you’re considering a blog for your website, let me ask you a few questions first before you dive in head first.
Do you have a topic that you feel comfortable to write about on a regular basis?Are you knowledgeable enough on this specific topic to be writing articles on the Internet?Do you have the time in your busy schedule to create an article or more every week?These are the three basic questions to help you determine if a blog is for you. If you’ve answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, then a blog is definitely not suitable for you. You must be comfortable and knowledgeable about your topic as well as have the time in your schedule to operate a blog of your own. However, if you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to all three questions, then I would highly recommend creating a blog for your website. Why? Because it will provide you with the following benefits:
More content = more exposure - Adding more content to your site will ultimately lead to more visits, hence more exposure.Credibility on your chosen topic – Writing articles on your topic could cause you to build a reader base that will continue to come back to your site to read more about your topic.Increased business – As you receive more exposure and begin to build your credibility, you will be sure to increase your business and gain qualified business leads. It’s a great marketing resource.Knowledge – By writing about your topic every week, you will be sure to stay abreast on the latest trends and news relating to your topic.Fun – Blogging offers you something different, a way to break up your day. If you have a blog, then enjoy it and have fun with it.Well I hope I’ve provided you with some basic information on what a blog is and how it can benefit your website. If you think that a blog is for you and fits into the idea of your website then go for it… create your own blog, start blogging and enjoy it!
I wish you much success!
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