Friday, September 15, 2006

Podcasting Through Your Blog
Rakesh Ojha

Podcasting is sharing audio or video information through Rss syndications of your blog. People subscribed to Rss feeds can download and listen to your files on their personal audio or video players such as mobile or personal computer. Famous Podcast services are iTunes and CastPodder.
Videoblogging and Podcasting is the next big thing at the moment and hold great potential to be money-spinner in the near future.
Wordpress users can install the software and instantly start podcasting. All you need to do is link your favorite audio or video file in your post and wordpress will automatically add this to your Rss feeds more specifically Rss 2 enclosure feeds, available for subscribers.
There are many plugins available as well if you are not satisfied with the default feature, such as WP-iPodCatter to create valid feeds for iTunes podcast directory or SmartCastTM from
Steps to create your own prodcast included the following.
1) Create a music of your choice with various softwares such as wavepad for Windos or Audacity for Mac OS X.
2) Upload your music file (mp3 most often) on your server.
3) Create a post and add the link to your music file (URL).
4) Hit the Publish button and pray to god everything goes fine! This is called Podcasting.
5) Promote your blog and Rss feeds
If you are a regular podcaster, you can very well create a new category through your admin specifically for podcast so that every time you add a new post, you can assign it to this category. This way all your posts will be under a single category and it wil be easy to promote this category’s Rss feed.
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