Monday, September 11, 2006

Understanding The Purpose Of Business Blogs
Itay Paz

The purpose of blogs should be to increase profits and establish a better relationship with your prospective and current customers. They are a great way for you to get in contact with your target audience and keep them up to date about your business.
A business blog can help you boost your sales; however, you need to understand that this is not its main purpose. To understand how you can effectively use a blog to your company's advantage, you first need to understand what a blog is.
A weblog, frequently referred to as a blog, is a web page that is comprised of postings that are frequently updated and listed in chronological order. Essentially a blog is similar to a journal.
There are two different types of weblogs:
1. Personal Blog - blog used for posting personal opinions, research links, etc.
2. Business Blog - a tool used by companies for the purpose of communicating with customers, colleagues and/or employees in order to share knowledge.
If you choose to create business blogs it may be a challenge to get your target market interested in reading it. That is why you need to create a blog that has purpose. A blog with purpose is updated regularly, and provides readers with real information.
What can a blog do for a small business owner? The following is a brief breakdown of the different benefits a business blog can provide:
Low cost - A business blog is cheaper than having a website, it is also easier to use. Therefore, if you are just starting out and don't yet have the time to learn html, or have the money to hire a web developer or designer who can do the job for you, a blog is a good alternative for the time being.
Share your expertise - Perceived value is important for an online business, as it is difficult to gain the trust of internet users. A blog is a great way for you to show your readers you are an expert in your field, and you have something useful to offer them. This is how you can build confidence. Encourage sales - You can monetize your business blog by posting announcements concerning:
* New products and/or services * Discounts * Items that have been discontinues * Upcoming products and services * Sales * Holiday promotions * Etc.
You can begin your business blog by using a free hosting service if you want to save money. Two great, free weblog services include and MSN spaces.
If you want to make your blog something that only subscribers or your customers can access, you may want to make a private business weblog. There are different programs that can provide you this service such as MSN.
It doesn't hurt to test business blogs and see if it can benefit you business, especially since there are a number of free options you can take advantage of. It may just be the ticket to help you boost your sales and create customer confidence.
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