Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blogging for Business and Networking
Marsha Maung

Blog – what a funny word. Not only do most individuals have a blog these days, but businesses are beginning to realize the power of the blogging medium. In recent years, they saw how amazing a blog is and how extensive a blog’s reach is. A light bulb went off in someone’s head and the business decides that “Hey, you know what? If a 12-year-old kid can create a blog that generates tens of thousands of page views a day and create a network online, why not a business?”
Hence, the business blog is born.
What is the difference between a personal blog and a business blog? The agenda is essentially the same – to update, advice, provide information and network with people who share the same passion or interest. A blog, although was first invented as an online journal of sorts, have developed into a powerful publishing media. So powerful that businesses are starting to jump onto the blog bandwagon in a valiant effort to create an online network. This is the network whereby they can stay in touch with their customers or potential customers.
But why do you think a blog is so useful to an ordinary person? Why do you think it will help individuals or companies network with others on the internet? How would it benefit an individual and how would it benefit a company? What kind of networking opportunities will a business blog present to a large International company?
Here’s the thing…blogs are so versatile. It’s different from a conventional updating system we used to have on our websites…the FAQs and the what-have-you-nots. A blog is often more personal and when a company uses this to get closer and network with the customers, things are different. For instance, Company A is a large business with a huge network of customers, clients, suppliers, retailers…etc. The company can create blogs…not one, not two, not three…but a blog for each department in the company that deals with different issues…it would see significant increase in sales in a very short period of time.
How? Just put someone in charge of updating each of the blogs – as simple as that! You don’t even say it’s a business blog – let’s just say ‘Paula Simmons’ blog (Human Resource)’ or ‘Terry Hemmingway’s blog (Public Relations)….etc. You get the picture. You’ve just put a face on a particular department in your huge company by NOT naming the blog a blog but simply putting someone’s name on it. This makes the readers feel closer to the company ever more than better.
So, get on with it and create your own blog now. Don’t wait!
Marsha Maung is a freelance graphic designer and copy writer who works from her home in Selangor, Malaysia. She loves nothing more than blowing bubbles in the park with her 2 kids, Joshua and Jared. She designs apparel and premium items at and is the author of "Raising little magicians", and the popular "The Lance in freelancing".
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