Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tips on the Art of the Blog
Mary Baker

1) Blogs that are event driven are easier to write.
I have three blogs. The most successful blog is the blog about where I live, Newburyport, Massachusetts.
Newburyport is a wonderful small seaport New England city with a whole lot of interesting things going on. The blog is called the Newburyport Political Blog.
The Newburyport Political Blog is the easiest of my three blogs because it is event driven. There are days when I put up 2-4 posts. I do not have to come up with new and exciting information, because new and exciting things are happening all the time in Newburyport, MA.
2) Search engines appear to like blogs that post on a regular basis.
3) I have found that the tone of the blog is really important.
Instead of using verbs like "can, will, should," I use verbs like "would, could, might, may." That one tip is huge. It helps readers listen to what is written, whereas otherwise they might be on the defensive.
4) A fourth tip would be to keep blog posts relatively short, 450-700 words. My experience is that Internet readers have a much shorter attention span than readers of the printed word.
5) If there were a long post, another tip would be to break the post into shorter blog postings.
6) I find that if I use the first person and state that it is my opinion or my understanding that also makes the blog more reader friendly.
7) If I would like to introduce a subject, I try and do it slowly and incrementally, often over 3-7 posts. This is another huge tip.
Often I begin by introducing the subject at the end of the first blog post. The next post has the subject at the beginning of the blog post. And then following blog posts have the subject in the blog post headline as well as in the text itself.
8) The last tip is that I find that search engines tend to pick up key words in the blog post headline much more easily than they would in the actual content of the blog post.
© Mary Baker 2006
Mary Baker is a professional artist whose studio is in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Mary has her own art website, Mary Baker Art and her own art blog Mary Baker Art-Blog.
Mary is also very involved in Newburyport issues and politics. In the civic world in Newburyport, MA, Mary is known as Mary Baker Eaton.
The The Newburyport Political Blog is about issues and politics in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Even though you might not live in Newburyport, MA, the Newburyport Political Blog is fun to read. The blog has been written about in a number of publications, including The Boston Globe.

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