Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why Blogging Is Crucial To Your Business In Today's Business World
Gregg Hall

Intellectual people fill the rooms of successful businesses, and they've all noticed the benefits that both formal and informal blogs have reaped in past years. Moreover, they will not stand aside and watch this train pass them buy, so many businesses have also stepped unto the blogging locomotive.
Businesses use blogs for a variety of reasons, from drumming up business to receiving customer feedback to building team morale. They've examined the blogs out there, and they want a piece of the blog pie that has made other corporations, individuals, and groups so successful.
Successful blogs will look inviting and yet professional. Obviously you want the respect from your customers that you deserve, and so a professional looking blog should demand that kind of respect. At the same time you want a place that people will want to visit, so you need to have a casual, inviting feel to the blog. You can achieve this through your color and style choice, so consider these carefully when creating the blog. The professional aspect of the blog will also come into play when you consider its usability: make it user friendly. Consider posting notes from the supervisors or president of the company to start out with and to invite your customers to continue to visit the site.
Businesses use their blogs in more ways than just to touch base with their customers. Some companies have opted for in house blogs that pertain only to employees. This especially works well for larger companies. Many companies offer employees the opportunity to provide feedback about the company along side the customers who can also provide feedback. Such blogs open the lines of communication around the office between consumers and employees.
Some companies also use blogs to solve in house problems. Employees may have the opportunity to share their opinions about a given issue in the office. These kinds of sites seem to work best when an employee can voice his opinion anonymously instead of risking his reputation in front of his fellow employees.
And finally, many companies have used blogs to build team morale. They give employees an opportunity to share the great things about their company, and administration also posts information about the company that pertains to employees and genuinely builds up the atmosphere in the office. These kinds of blogs are used to post events like weddings involving employees or birthdays or birth announcements.
In the end, the majority of those who have jumped unto the blog locomotive have not regretted their decision. Blogs have opened a whole new line of communication among customers, employees, and supervisors and in the end, everyone benefits from better communication. So what are you waiting for? Start blogging today.
Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as business books at
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