Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bloggers - Will They be a Fixture in Corporate America?
Taryn Simpson

How did Blogging get so popular so fast?
It does seem that blogging caught on like wildfire. Why is it so popular? Because it's human nature to voice your 2 cents on a subject, whether good or bad. Not to mention, there are blogging sites popping up all over the place, the templates are nice looking and easy to use and best of all, they are FREE. What does this mean for domain companies? website provider and builders? Bloggers are pulling the rug out from underneath them.
How did Corporate America become involved with blogging?
The same way tv and radio became involved with them. Bloggers voice their opinions much like a stock analyst. When do you get this information from the analyst? When the television program airs or in a radio program. When does the public learn about bloggers' opinions? At any moment on the internet. The internet is surely becoming bigger, faster and foremost in our world of information.
Corporate America and the Blogger
It only makes sense that businesses want to attach themselves to the most vocal and prominent bloggers. It is just another way of making themselves attractive to the wordsmiths rather than focusing on stock analysts. Bloggers have a reputation of being the new kid on the block that happens to be the underdog. This makes a perfect spoil for conglomerates to embrace the bloggers so that they can voice their opinions.
Bloggers are the new look of "every man". Symbolically, the blogger has turned Wall Street on its' collective ear as the "new every man" is suddenly being given new clout via a computer. It's no wonder Corporate America has hired bloggers to blog on their behalf. This just isn't a payoff, they are being analyzed just as the stock analysts have done in prior years.
It's just that it's nice to know that the "every man" has a voice in Corporate America.
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