Saturday, November 11, 2006

Build Traffic With Blogs; Be Creative!
George Christodoulou

Be creative; these are the two most important words in internet marketing.

The reason for this is because everyone is doing the same thing and everybody is trying to copy other peoples successful efforts. This does not work, why would it? If you are copying so are 5,000 others and you will get hurt by this since your visitors will find your site and be turned off by the fact that they have seen the same thing 8 times that day.

Enough about being creative, now it is time to get into the actual, "blogging for traffic" portion.

There is new software and technology coming out all the time. You have to take advantage of this new technology and you have to create new mehtods of utilizing them. This will bring more traffic then you can imagine.

On such new technology is social book marking. Someone had the idea of creating a website that allows you to bookmark any website you found useful and make it public. This will add a lot of exposure to your website. Best of all, this is all free.

There is more then this out there and it get much better but eventually it gets pricey. Don't worry, not everything will cost you an arm and a leg. There is software for everything, remember that when you want to automate something.

This word, "automate" is very important. This is where the infinite traffic comes in. Use a mixture of automating software that will allow you to write your articles, post them to your blog, and send them out to be pinged and to send your RSS feed out instantly.

I have created just such a system of products and software that allows you to automate this process.

3 simple steps are all it takes.

Step 1

Use some kind of content writing software or ghost writing service to write the posts. Write them on the internet on an html page so you can get one post or more a day.

Step 2

Use some kind of software that allows you to post your writing into your blog and to ping it as well. This software does exist, do a little bit of research and find it. Many people actually give it away, even me in a free report.

Step 3

Use a blog ping and RSS feed broadcaster to get your blog instantly blasted across the net. This also increases your blogs ranking in search engines.

That’s all there is to it. There is much more needed to be learned. This is just some of it.
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