Monday, November 13, 2006

Network Blogging To Create Massive Traffic
George Christodoulou

Just imagine a visitor comes to your website ready and willing to buy whatever you are selling without having to talk to you and without having to even take an extra second to read a word of your sales copy. This is what many marketers do; the only difference between each one of these marketers is that they use different tactics. Blogging is one of these tactics and you will learn how to maximize you business' exposure to pre sell all of your visitors.
Blogs are amazingly easy to use and maintain. This is going to be the basis of the strategy. You are going to have to take this feature of the blog and use it to your advantage. blogs are also simple to create which adds another advantage for this strategy.
They key is quality and quantity for this strategy but if you really want to succeed both of these elements are important. What you want to do is create approximately 5 blogs with a topic that somehow relates to your main website. It does not matter what you are selling, if you want to capture subscribers or get people to just come to read your amazing content.
Now what you have to do is try and create the links in a way that your visitors will travel through your blogs and travel from one to the other. The main reason for these blogs is to generate pre sold traffic to your main site to sell them something or to get them to join something or other so make sure you have a link to your site that sticks out and makes them want to come right in. Show your visitors that watch one of those sites are related so they go to all of them and let them know exactly which one is the main site.
Now here is a practical application for this strategy. Let’s say I want more people to join my membership website that they have to pay for to get into. I want to create a really amazing content rich membership site. All I really need is a few subscribers a month for about 6 months at which point I can start holding contests for referrals and start my viral campaign (that's for another day).
To do this, I would use the strategy and start building my 5 blogs. I would keep the topics similar in each but slightly different so my visitors travel to all of them and absorb some unique information at one. The key would be to have that link to my main site blaring in there faces saying, "hey, come to my site and become a member because the info in here is seven thousand times better then the information in the 2 or 3 blogs you have seen with this link on them" .
That’s all there is to it. It is a lot of hard work if you do not outsource some of the writing and you will get discouraged if you do not make a plan and carry it out. One solution would be to write a month worth of blog posts for all 5 blogs at on time before you launch even one blog. This will help you get through the first month at least.
Post every day and you will see you will have a large number of loyal readers that would be more then happy to join your membership site, buy whatever you are selling; basically they will do whatever you need them to.

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