Monday, December 04, 2006

4 Quick Tips for Coming up with Blogging Topics
Tim Priebe

Do you blog on a regular or somewhat regular basis, but sometimes have trouble coming up with topics for your blog? Here's a few helpful hints to get you going when writer's block strikes.
1. Google is your friend
Search Google to see what questions people have about the field you're in. Try combining one of the following phrases with a keyword related to your field of expertise.
How do I I'm having problems Is it possible to I need help Quick question
For example, if a cartoonist who gave advice to other cartoonists were using this method, he might search for the following:
"How do I" cartoonist
or maybe...
"I'm having problems" cartoon
or even...
"Quick question" "comic strip"
Hopefully you get the idea.
2. Sign up for a forum
Sign up for a forum or even an email discussion group that's about the same topic your blog is about. That way you will always have a source of questions. People often drop into such forums with a question or two.
And don't worry if others have answered it on the forum. Your blog will likely have different readers. While you shouldn't plagiarize, you can certainly use their post as a jumping off point.
3. Read other blogs
Read the blogs others have on topics similar to your own. And again, while you shouldn't just copy their post, you can use it to spur yourself on. You might even mention that you were inspired by their post and put a link to it. Then say where you agree and disagree with them.
An added bonus to this is that you can email that blogger and let them know you linked to their post. They may even be willing to link back to your blog, giving you another source of readers.
4. Ask your readers!
This one is a no-brainer. Seek out input from those who know your readers best. Your readers! Occasionally (or frequently) ask them for topic suggestions. At the very least, make it easy for them to contact you with any questions if they already want to do so.
These tips are simple, but can be effective if you ever hit a brick wall when trying to start your blog post of the day.
While we're on the topic, feel free to let me know of any web-related topics you'd like me to cover.
Tim is the owner and senior web designer at T&S Web Design. His company has developed and maintained website for dozens of small businesses and organizations. Tim also maintains a blog with free website advice for small business owners,

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