Monday, December 11, 2006

Vlogging – Making Money With Vlogs, Videoblogs, Or Video Weblogs On The Internet - For Free
Tino Buntic

A few success stories had a remarkable affect on blogs (weblogs). Ever since people realized that they can make money from blogging the popularity and the vast number of blogs on the internet rose dramatically. People hear that they can make money by writing on their home computer and and publishing it on their blogs, and all of a sudden there are over 50 million blogs on the internet. Now, not all 50 million bloggers are making any money. Only a handful of the leaders are. Most of the leaders have been blogging for years and were the early adopters and that’s why they have become popular.
That's usually what happens – people hear that there is money to be made and then saturate the market. They follow. By that time it’s almost too late and you’d have to be really lucky or really innovative to make a name for yourself. It would have been much easier had you started blogging before the craze became so publicized.
What does that mean for vlogs or videoblogs? Vlogging will become very popular and many people will be making money with vlogs in the near future. It won't be as popular as blogs because it is more time consuming, more expensive, and requires a different set of skills. Not everybody is good in front of the camera and not everybody can afford a digital camera. However, if you already own a digital camera and want to start a videoblog, you can publish it for free by visiting
Vlogging has only been around for just over a year now and there are a few popular vlogs. But the vlog market is nowhere near the size of the blogosphere. So if you want to be a first mover on the internet vlogging is a good bet.
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