Sunday, December 10, 2006

The World Of Blogging
Steve Hill

Do you have your own blog? Have you cottoned on to the benefits that having your own blog can bring? In this article I am going to write about the crazy world of blogging and about the ways in which it can help an online business to attract continued and repeat traffic. This traffic of course is what most webmasters strive for and a good blog which is well optimized can help them to attain their goals.
Blogging is not exactly a new concept, it has been around for a couple of years now. I must admit I was a bit slow to join the bandwagon of blogging. I thought it would be one of those overnight crazes but it looks like it is here to stay. I have read many of these blogs and in my opinion most of them are quite poor in quality. They did not really inspire me to come back and were seemingly only there to make money from programs such as Google adsense. There were however certain blogs which did inspire me to return, blogs such as the one Matt Cutts runs. This is a blog that I will read whenever I have the time.
Around a year ago I decided that it was about time I had my own blog. I did not want it to be just an average run of the mill blog, I wanted it to look very professional and for it to be of value to the people who visited and read it. In this way these people are likely to return time and time again and other webmasters are also more inclined to add those all important links to the site.
My area of business is based around speech therapy, basically helping people who have a stammering or stuttering problem. I had a stutter for eighteen years before finally managing to achieve fluency at the age of twenty-two. The stuttering blog that I now have receives a lot of traffic and is very well placed in the major search engines for its keyword phrases such as stuttering blog.
I have heard that some bloggers find it a bit of a hassle to keep posting to their blogs. This in my opinion should be seen as a kind of hobby rather than a choir.
The huge advantage of a blog is that content is constantly being added to the site. This is for obvious reasons a lot better than having just a static site.
My advice would be to get your blogging shoes on today.

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